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        Harmony,health, happiness, progress
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        The revitalization of national drugs to win the world
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          【The vision of Life Strong】
            To become the most respectable excellent enterprise
        • 02
          【The mission of Life Strong 】
            To keep people health by heart
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          【The spirit of Life Strong】
            To Be Honesty and Trustworthy, To Pursuit Harmony and Improvement
        • 04
          【The core value of Life Strong】
            Live together, innovate together, share together
        • 05
          【The management target of Life Strong】
            Everyone has work, and task has to be done; All staff and stuff are guaranteed.
            Economy and efficiency are everywhere
        • 06
          【The management methods of Life Strong for staff】
            Respect each employee’s dignity, personality, heart, value and innovation
        • 07
          【The discipline of Life Strong】
            No greedy for money, for reward, for beauty, for gambling, for wasting, for lying
        • 08
          【The principle of Life Strong 】
            People-oriental, matter-oriental, result-oriental; Action after oral promise, complete
            and make it be seen; Complete immediately and accomplish resolutely

        Loyalty is the faith, good faith is the soul; credit is the grid, the grid is moral. No sincerity no faith, no credit no grid. Harmony is the law of heaven, the law of growth of all things in the world. People and people, people and objects, people and space, people and the environment, people and work, to reach harmony is destiny, is the ultimate. Can not seek aggressively, not slowly, grasp the opportunity in time, and momentum, and is sophisticated. A "fine" word, covering hard work, fighting, rigorous, efficient, and many other significance, is made by God. Life Strong development, needs to always be honest and trustworthy, harmonious and sophisticated.

        • Integrity
        • Character
        • Rigorous
        • Efficient


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